5 Biggest Misconceptions On What Makes The Perfect Photo Of Your Child

Whether you’re prepping for a family session with a professional photographer or just taking photos of your kids at home, the whole process of photographing your children can sometimes turn into a frustrating ordeal. But it doesn’t have to be! There are a number of popular misconceptions that most parents feel when it comes to taking the perfect photo of their child. So today I want to take the pressure OFF and help shift your perspective, so you can enjoy the moments just as they are.

Misconception #1 – They Have To Be Smiling – Of course those precious photos of your baby’s gummy grin or your toddlers forced “cheese” face are amazing to have and hang on your walls. But when I’m photographing kids, I like to aim for a couple good smiles and let the rest be a true reflection of that specific stage of their life. Whether it’s a pensive look, a grouchy eyebrow, or even tears… all their many moods and faces are worth capturing AND will probably end up being some of your favorites!

Misconception #2 – They Have To Be Looking At The Camera – You’ve got a crawler, a walker, or just a busy busy toddler that doesn’t want to sit still for photos? That’s ok! Some of my clients’ favorite photos are of kiddos playing with their favorite toys, jumping on the bed or a photo of their little diaper butt scooting away. I love letting them do their thing! Before you know it they’ll be a teenager that doesn’t want to get off the couch and you’ll look back at these these photos of this beautiful chaos and smile.

Misconception #3 – It Must Be Pinterest Perfect – Ah, Pinterest! As much as I love Pinterest for inspiration, it has somewhat tainted photography by setting unrealistic expectations. It’s possible the children in the photo are models or actors, or were just in a stage of life that’s different than your own child. I recommend looking at Pinterest for inspiration, specifically the styling, outfits and environment. These are the things you can recreate! Your child’s unique personality will shine from there.

Misconception #4 – I Need All My Kids To Sit Nicely Together For A Photo – The only thing harder than getting one child to focus and smile for a photo? Getting multiple kids trying to focus and smile for a photo! You can take a sigh of relief knowing that these photos are nearly impossible for anyone to nail, not just your kids. In my experience, the more we “force” kids to sit and pose, the more frustrated they’ll become with the whole experience. Let them play together, have your older sibling look at their new baby sibling as they’re in your arms…capture them while they’re in their element. Even if everyone is cooperating and smiling for a photo, it’s probably not how your everyday life is anyway, right?

Misconception #5 – Their Outfits Have To Be Perfect – This misconception couldn’t be further from the truth, and is one of the concerns I hear the most from my clients! Some of my favorite photos of newborns are in a plain white onesie. Some of my favorite photos of infants are with only a diaper on. Some of my favorite toddler photos are with ice cream dripping down their hands and onto their t-shirts. If you want to go the fashionable route, that’s great! But if your kiddos aren’t happy in certain clothes or accessories, it’s best not to force it. Their cute faces and expressions are the real stars of the photo anyway.

Alright, Mama. I hope you’re encouraged that however you prepare or whatever mood your child is in, the end result will be the perfect reflection of this unique stage of your child’s life. And I believe that is worth remembering. Don’t let these common misconceptions stand in the way of capturing the beautiful and unique way your kids are right now.

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