Introducing The Daily Momtographer Course

I’ve been photographing all things motherhood since the inception of my business 10 years ago and the comments I hear from my mama clients have been consistent since day 1.

“I wish I could take better photos of my kids in between our professional shoots!” 

My parents took a lot of photos of my siblings and I as kids. I LOVE sifting through our family scrapbooks and reliving every stage of my life through photographs. But with today’s technology, not only are parents not printing photos, but we’re also settling for the dark, blurry photos that our hyper-sensitive cell phones capture. Sure, phone cameras have come a long way. But how many times have you taken 50 photos of your child for just ONE to kind oflook the way you wanted it? Are your outtakes are filled with out-of-focus, poorly lit images that just don’t do the real-life moment justice?

What if I told you that there were simple tricks that you can use while photographing your kids either with your phone camera, or fancy DSLR, that will take your sub-par photos and turn them into frame-worthy memories? 

What if I told you I could completely change the perspective in which you photograph your children so that it’s not a struggle or something that they dread?

The Daily Momtographer Course.

The Daily Momtographer Course is self-paced and is designed to fit your busy mama lifestyle. Each lesson is comprised of a 5-10 minute video and bonus takeaway PDFs. This course is perfect for expecting mothers, moms whose phone camera rolls are filled with photos of their kiddos, OR for moms that have invested in a DSLR camera and want to learn to learn how to take better, more frame-worthy photos. 

You’ll learn about the following:

  • Tips to Taking Better Phone Photos

  • How to Shoot in Manual Mode (for DSLR Users)

  • Mastering Lighting

  • Backdrops, Surroundings and Safety

  • Rethinking Posing

  • Composition

  • Editing: Phone Edition

  • Editing: DSLR Edition

  • How to Take a Professional-Level Family Photo on Your Own

The first few years of motherhood fly by in a sleepless haze and your children are changing every single day. You’ll never regret investing in their tangible memory bank. 





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