5 Important Questions To Ask Your Photographer Before Hiring Them

He popped the question, you found your venue, and now you’re looking to solidify your photographer! These big decisions are so FUN but can also be a bit overwhelming. There’s so many photographers to choose from and all their Instagram profiles are so inspiring – so how to you choose?! 

I always say – don’t be blinded by the beauty of a perfectly curated Instagram. Be sure to ask important questions before you decide! The 5 questions below should be high up on your list and the answers should hold great weight in your final decision.

  1. What’s your backup plan? 
    What happens if you get sick the morning of our wedding? What happens if your memory card corrupts? These are important questions that need to be asked!! If you’re not confident in the photographer’s backup plan for either of these scenarios, I’d look elsewhere for someone with a more solidified insurance policy. In my opinion, a non-negotiable should be a qualified second-shooter to have as backup if any unforeseen health issues or life events take place the day of your wedding. Additionally, the photographer should have a dual memory card slot (which means the photos are reading onto two different memory cards at once) just in case a memory card was to corrupt and the images from your day were to be lost. 
  2. Can I see complete wedding galleries?
    Your photographer is showing the best of the best on their website and Instagram, so make sure you ask to see a full wedding gallery! You’ll want to look to see if they take high-quality photos at all points of the day, specifically the reception or any other part of the day that takes place indoors. I personally always try to send inquiring couples full wedding galleries in venues similar to the ones they’ll be getting married at, so they can see exactly what the editing of their photos will look like.
  3. Will your editing change?
    Listen, this is a sensitive subject. Photographers are always trying to improve the quality of their images, and sometimes that comes with minor changes to their editing. 90% of photographers also have a clause in their contract that states they’re given artistic liberty to the photographs – which means they’re ultimately entitled to edit the photos however they’d like. If you’re looking into a photographer with a trendy edit, just be sure to ask whether they foresee any major changes to their editing, and if their editing were to change, what that means for your final images. 
  4. How long will it take to get my images back?
    I’ve heard horror stories about photographers saying their image turnaround time is 8 weeks, but it really takes them 6 months (or more!) to return the final gallery. Ask the question, but also do your homework! Look at reviews on Google, The Knot, and on their Facebook page. If you see any red flags (including 0 reviews!), maybe look elsewhere.
  5. In what ways can you be a resource as I navigate the planning process?
    Ok, never confuse your wedding photographer as your wedding planner 🙂 However, your photographer should be prepping you before your wedding day in ways that make you feel confident in your decisions throughout the day. Look for a photographer that will give you advice on timeline creation, tips on where to get ready, even advice on how to communicate / manage the expectations of your crazy family members! 

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