6 Things To Bring To Your Getting Ready Room

Your wedding day has begun! The best part about bridal prep photos is the special downtime you get with your ladies / guys before your busy day. Take advantage of this time to relax (and eat!) with your favorite people.

It’s important that your day gets started on the right foot – it will reduce the inevitable wedding-day stress greatly if everything is organized from the start. Here’s a list of 6 things that should be added to a checklist to bring to your getting ready room.


Make sure all bouquets and boutineers are delivered to the bride & groom getting ready spaces in advance of the photographer’s arrival. Bonus points if your florist will bring you floral scraps for detail photos! This will eliminate any last minute scrambling to find the bouquet before your first-look and will allow for some gorgeous shots of the flowers alone while they’re looking their best. 


Remember to have all details set aside for those traditional flat-lay photos so your photographer can get started on capturing those immediately upon arrival. Things to set aside: all three rings, multiple copies of your stationary, addressed & plain envelopes, any other paper goods (if applicable), jewelry, bride’s shoes, groom’s shoes, groom’s tie and cuff links. I personally always bring a pretty linen backdrop, velvet ring boxes, and other accessories for detail photos. Talk to your photographer, ask if they provide anything to enhance detail photos, and if not, consider purchasing some of those items on your own. 


Do you and your husband-to-be plan to write each other a sweet note to be opened on the morning of the wedding? What about a wedding gift? If so, hold off on exchanging until the photographer arrives! This can be a sweet moment to have captured on camera. Be sure you facilitate the gift swap the night before, especially if you’re getting ready at separate locations. If your fiancé is forgetful, maybe add a little note on top that says “Don’t Open Until Photographer Arrival” 🙂


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in a bridal getting ready space and no one has scissors!! They’re always needed to cut off those pesky dress hanger straps. More times than not, the scissors get misplaced, so consider bringing a couple! 


There’s nothing that takes away from an elegant bridal gown like a flimsy, plastic dress hanger! Look for a beautiful hanger on Etsy or purchase a nice wooden hanger from Target to enhance this photo op. If you want a photo of your dress hanging with the bridesmaid dresses, be sure to supply a nice hanger for everyone. 


Last but not least, champagne!! It’s a time to CELEBRATE! Have a bottle, glasses and maybe a little orange juice ready to go. These make for the best, most celebratory photos! Plus, it starts your day off on the right foot.

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