4 Ways Your Wedding Planning Could Benefit From Quarantining

Are you a bride getting married in 2021 or late 2020 and are currently feeling the weight of planning a wedding during COVID-19? 

I know, planning a wedding during a worldwide pandemic is NOT what you dreamed of when you envisioned your engaged season of life. There’s a lot of helpful information out there regarding how to navigate planning a wedding if your wedding date is directly affected by the government mandated orders, but there’s not a lot of content available for those recently engaged couples navigating the beginning stages of planning during these uncertain times.  So, I wanted to bring you that! 

In order to bring you best information possible, I’m teaming up with an amazing local wedding planner, Meghan Buck with Buck and Rose, to bring a positive spin to wedding planning during these quarantine times. She has all the insider information from a planning perspective on how we can add a positive spin to this time of uncertainty. Our goal is to bring you some light today.   

In fact, there are a lot of ways in which you could utilize this period of quarantining to make progress on your big day, including potential financial benefits. 

Let’s dive in to Meghan’s tips!

When working with wedding vendors, oftentimes you are working with small business owners, entrepreneurs, and creatives in the industry.  While you may feel it is too early to book your wedding vendors for your big day, it’s now even more important than ever before to help support your vendors by booking now.  By making a retainer payment (a payment made upfront to reserve the vendor’s services for your event date) you are helping to keep cash flowing to support small business owners.  Another thing to consider is that due to the number of postponements moving to later this season or even next year, availability of wedding vendors will be more limited than ever before.  Just because we are in the middle of a pandemic doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be excited to plan your wedding.  Having things to look forward to is important and to plan your wedding, you’ll need wedding vendors to help bring your day to life!

So many wedding vendors are offering great discounts right now!  Why not take advantage of them to help you save some wedding dollars?!  As a wedding planner, I often have access to preferred vendor discounts for my couples to use and to see the amount of discounts available across all vendor categories right now is amazing!  When looking for vendor discounts, make sure you are still booking the correct package that you’ll need.  While it might be tempting to book the package that is discounted to the lowest cost, book the package that has the most value.  This is a great time to get more for less!

Until we resume life as we once knew it, we are all finding that we have more time on our hands.  Busy schedules have been cleared so you may find that once your Netflix queue has been emptied it’s time to focus on wedding planning.  While you may not be able to go to in person meetings using the new found time on your hands to go through your planning checklist is so helpful.  I always encourage my clients to even get ahead of planning when possible so that when we’re just a couple months from the big day, we’ve already completed the majority of their planning and they can truly just relax.  Take a couple hours each week (don’t let it consume your life) and devote them to wedding planning happy hours!  Open your favorite bottle of wine, mix  your favorite cocktails, or pick up your favorite beer from your loved local brewery- wedding planning can be fun!

While we are living in times of social distancing, you may not be talking to as many people in your life that you normally would be with ideas surrounding your wedding plans.  This is a good thing, friends!  When you think about your wedding day and what is most important to you- try to solely focus on what makes you and your fiancé happy.  The best weddings are the ones that have the style most reflective of the couple.  Use Pinterest to browse unique wedding ideas and save pins of things that you love.  It’s always nice to not have to listen to all the noise surrounding different ideas so use this time to your advantage!

A huge thank you to Meghan for providing us with these valuable tips! During these uncertain times, I’ve noticed that my couples working with a planner, such as Buck and Rose, are receiving the most support in communicating with vendors, feeling the least amount of stress (given the circumstances, of course!), and are seeing the greatest financial benefit. If you’re considering hiring a planner, reach out to Meghan for more information!

*Meghan’s headshots taken by Em Marie *

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