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Guys, I’ve found your new favorite resource!! I recently shot an engagement shoot where the couple was perfectly styled (see above!). I commented on how great their outfits looked and the bride replied that she used a personal stylist! The crazy part – I knew her stylist, Audrey, because we danced together growing up! Once I discovered her offering, I KNEW I had to sing her praises to my audience! She can work with you for your photoshoot, will work with your price point, and with your style in mind. She even styled my husband and I for our yearly couple shoot. See us highlighted below! After working with her, I wanted to give her the platform to write a blog with all her best styling tips for you!

Stay until the end because she’s giving a FULL fall styling selection for family photos – links included and all!

There are so many life events worth capturing! You just got engaged, graduated, had a baby, you finally feel up to wrangling the family for a Fall photoshoot — the list goes on and on. Once you’ve schedule your photographer, the daunting part is deciding what to wear. These photos will be around forever after all! As a personal stylist and trend expert, it’s my job to curate timeless outfits that you’ll love, so when you look back on your photos years from now you’re not thinking “what was I wearing?” Instead, you are cherishing the precious moment.

My clients come to me for all types of fashion advice, like what to wear on vacation, bridal looks or for a full closet refresh. One question I get asked time and time again is I’ve hired a photographer, what should I wear for the shoot?

Here are my top 6 things to consider when deciding what to wear for your upcoming photo session:

1. Consider the location & season
This seems like a no brainer but it’s always the first question I ask my clients. Where is your shoot? When is your shoot? This should dictate the direction you take with your fashion. If it’s an engagement shoot in a grassy field at golden hour, lean towards flowy dresses and shorts or chinos for your man. If it’s a city shoot, turn to more modern looks with clean lines and striking colors. A Fall family photoshoot or Christmas card shoot means sweaters and cozy looks. Take advantage of the season. If you’re shooting on a beach or boat, go shoeless, if you’re at a tree farm in the Winter, bundle up and rock your favorite beanie. There is a time and place for each look. Although you may love them all, sticking to what works best in the season and surroundings will make for picture perfect photos.

2. Choose classic over trendy
This is what I preach to my clients. It holds true in most circumstances, but especially in a life-event photoshoot. Similar to a wedding, you want to look back and love how you look for years to come. Sometimes simplicity is best! You most likely aren’t doing photoshoots each month- or even season-so don’t get too wrapped up in what is in NOW. Instead, opt for classic silhouettes and colors. You’ll probably regret that trendy statement necklace or fur vest. Although those are fun pieces to mix into your wardrobe, the shoot isn’t the time to experiment with new trends! That said, it doesn’t have to be boring. I am not suggesting always sticking with a white tee (although sometimes that is an effortless fun look), it’s more about the silhouette, fit, color and quality of what you wear. You would be surprised at how striking you look with a simple lush cream cashmere sweater and cognac booties.

3. Pick 2-3 outfits: casual, dressy and adventurous
Most times your photographer will say to bring 1-2 looks for your shoot. If this is the case, decide what feels right for you (and your significant other or family). If you are someone who loves to dress up and hope for elegant pictures, run with it! If you’re hoping to keep it casual in jeans and a blouse, that will turn out great as well. If you are able to shoot 2 or even 3 looks, I always suggest one casual, one dressy and one “fun” look. Let’s say you have a summer engagement shoot. Your casual look would include a crisp white blouse and light jeans. A floral pastel maxi dress would be your dressy look. Your “fun” look could involve something like a jumpsuit or skirt option. The fun look is something that I add if my clients are hoping to show off their personality or have a favorite piece in their closet that they want to rock! This can also be something like adding an accessory such as a Panama hat or statement earrings.

4. Compliment each other but don’t match
This is a big one! It’s something that doesn’t always come naturally to us but is especially important for photoshoots. One thing I love to do is nail the perfect color scheme for my clients photoshoot looks. Many times people make the mistake of being too matchy-matchy and it comes off looking a-bit “awkward family photo” if you know what I mean! You want to be sure that your colors and silhouettes compliment one another but aren’t too similar. For instance, in a Fall family photoshoot, I love using deep colors like olive, burgundy, mustard and navy. If I am putting someone in a burgundy sweater, I am complimenting the other person in something like a navy trouser and cream top. These are colors that work well together without overpowering or competing with one another. This goes for patterns as well. If you’re in a floral navy-yellow midi dress, I am looking to compliment the others in solid colors like cream and plum. This is also true for the silhouettes of each outfit. If your baby is in a puffy patterned dress, I am looking at putting you in something form fitted and in a color that compliments the pattern or allows it to take center stage. It’s all a balancing act and something that I would argue is one of the most important things when having photos taken with your SO or family.

5. Keep it neutral
Once we decide the shoot location, season, how many outfits (casual or dressy) it’s time to look for the perfect pieces. Depending on all of the above, one rule that stays true is keeping your color scheme fairly neutral. You may love colors like hot pink but does the camera love them? The answer is no! The camera loves neutrals, pastels and cool or rich tones. If you pick a pattern that is too busy especially with a background like a city-scape, you’ll end up being drowned out. This doesn’t mean you have to completely stay away from patterns or colors, it’s just about picking muted tones to ensure they are photographable. Many times it’s about the hue of the piece. A pastel pink flowy dress works great but a hot pink striped sweater does not. I always suggest having one look that is neutral like cream, a dark denim, grey, etc. and one that is an airy or deep rich color depending on the season and location. This way you have options and when you get the photos back, you might be surprised at which looks photograph best vs. what you loved in person!

6. Pick what’s most flattering & comfortable
You’re having a photoshoot because you want to commemorate where you are in life, right? Stay true to who you are. If you love girly A-line dresses with puff sleeves and frill, ROCK IT. If you prefer to wear classic denim and wouldn’t be caught dead in a dress, wear the jeans. Being photographed can be daunting and the last thing you need is to feel uncomfortable in what you are wearing! You want to feel your best in this outfit so you can focus on having fun because a shoot should be FUN! The photographer is capturing photos at every angle and you don’t want to be fussing with a bra strap that keeps popping out or turning and creating a not- so-flattering side angle. It’s so important to pick items that are ultra-flattering because let’s be honest, sadly, we are all our own worst critic. Everyone’s body types are beautifully unique and each person has things they love about their bodies and also things they’d like to downplay. Maybe it’s your arms or legs or maybe you don’t love how your toes look! Choose items that accentuate the features you love! There are so many varying silhouettes to bring out the best in you!

Offering styling packages and one-off styling needs, reach out to Audrey at for more information on how you can hire her to help your dream wardrobe become a reality! Working with you for any price point, any occasion.

Audrey Holl is a Trend Specialist + Personal Stylist splitting her time between Tonka Bay, Minnesota and Toronto, Canada. She works with clients throughout Canada and across the US. Her style philosophy is centered around elegant simplicity with a nod toward bold, statement pieces. She believes your outfit doesn’t always have to be the loudest in the room to make a statement, but if you do want to make some noise, it should be styled well. Check out her website and follow @theaudreyedit on Instagram for styling tips and outfit inspiration!

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