How To Pick The Perfect Bridesmaid Dresses

Bridesmaid photos can be some of my favorite sets of photos to come out of a wedding day! They’re usually full of life, vibrancy and joy. And for most brides, choosing a bridesmaid dress and color is an important part of the wedding planning process. Bridesmaid dresses not only set the color palate for the wedding, but also reflect the style of your big day. When I planned my own wedding in 2017, choosing the perfect dresses didn’t come easy! So today I’m sharing with you 5 of my favorite tips to selecting the perfect bridesmaid dress.

  1. COMPLEMENT YOUR GIRLS  – Does the color you’re considering complement your bridesmaid’s hair color? What about skin tone? If your girls have fair skin with pink undertones, for example, steer clear from pinks and reds. You want your girls to look and feel beautiful, so allow them shine by choosing a flattering color!
  2. DRESS FOR THE SEASON – Choose a dress that fits the season you’re getting married in! Select your color based on what will best suit the surroundings of your photos. I love classic black for winter, pastels for spring, color for summer, and neutrals for fall (I’ve been dying to photograph all-white bridesmaid dresses during any season, particularly in fall!). If you’re a fall or winter bride, consider doing a long sleeve or a gorgeous shawl!
  3. MIX AND MATCH – I personally love the look of consistency without continuity. Consider choosing a variety of styles within the same color family. Allow your girls to choose a silhouette that they feel most confident in!
  4. CONSIDER YOUR GOWN – Your bridesmaids will be standing next to you in all of their photos, so consider the silhouette of your own gown when choosing theirs! I’d suggest choosing a similar fabric texture and a neckline that differs from your own.
  5. THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX – You don’t have to choose bridesmaid dresses from bridal retailers! Some of the most stunning bridesmaid dresses I’ve photographed aren’t from the traditional sources. Look into your favorite ready-to-wear designer, and search websites such as ASOS, ShopBop and Nordstrom! 
    *My most shared post on Instagram is the header photo above, and the gowns are from ready-to-wear designer Needle and Thread.

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