What To Wear For Your Engagement Photos – Choosing A Look You Won’t Regret

Finding the perfect outfit for your engagement photos can be completely overwhelming. I get it, I’ve been there! I remember scouring through Pinterest looking for inspiration and spending hours online shopping for the perfect look. 

The goal of your engagement photographer is to make you feel confident during your session and for you to love your photos – not only through this phase of life, but forever. The outfits you choose for your photos can set the tone for the entire session! So, what’s the secret to choosing an outfit you won’t regret? 

After years of shooting engagement sessions and analyzing what has worked best for my clients, I want to share my insider secrets with you!


Let’s face is, there’s SO many more options for women’s attire than men’s! So, start with the hardest part first. The location you choose & the bride’s outfit will set the tone for the entire session. Keep this in mind as you navigate your favorite online shopping websites!


Be sure to ask your photographer how many outfits are allowed to wear during your engagement session! I usually encourage my couples to select two, one that’s casual and one that’s formal. However, don’t bring TOO many options. You’ll be stressed on timing and won’t have as much time to shoot in each outfit. I find if my couples are changing too often they don’t have a true opportunity to get comfortable and relax. Majority of my couples wear two or three outfits during their session.


This tip is important! Long gone are the days where everyone photographed must wear jeans and a white top 🙂 Instead of trying to match, coordinate. Choose colors in the same family and try to avoid both of you wearing the same colored top. To keep it cohesive, think of pairing neutral with neutrals, pastels with pastels, etc. If the bride wears white, it really opens the door to possibilities!  

PRO TIP: Neutrals, pastels, lighter tones, heathered textures and muted shades are a camera’s best friend. Avoid anything ultra-bright or anything too bold – it can cast an unfortunate color cast onto your skin and will be distracting in photos. If you’re getting photos taken somewhere really lush and green, avoid anything green or in that color family. 


Don’t get too lost in your Pinterest searches or what you’re seeing on trendy Instagram accounts. Choose something that’s a reflection of YOU! You don’t want to look back at these photos 10+ years from now and wonder who the heck that is in the photos. 

PRO TIP: If you don’t know how to define your personal style, think of your home décor! What colors do you find yourself gravitating towards? If you’re considering the colors of your home, your photos will even look that much better hanging on your walls!


Leave the shorts, baggy pants, open-toe shoes and loungewear at home. Dress your fiancé in fitted pants or shorts and a trim-cut shirt. Also avoid buying a suit off-the-rack unless it’s the PERFECT fit! Nordstrom does free tailoring if you’re a member! They’ll look polished and photo ready.


These are your ENGAGEMENT PHOTOS! This season is the most romantic time of your life, so allow your engagement photos to reflect that magic and bliss! Dress up, find a flowy dress or something that makes you feel beautiful. Your confidence will be matched in the final photos.


Ladies, your engagement session is the perfect time to do your makeup trial! Coordinate with your makeup artist to align the dates. I’ve also found an awesome blowout from somewhere like DryBar can really tie together the look. Also, there will probably be times during your session when we’re shooting your hands holding or the engagement ring on your hand – which means it’s a good idea to clean up your ring & nails before your session (this applies to the guys too!). All of these little details will help your confidence during your session and allow you to really shine in the photos!

My favorite stores for engagement outfits:

  •  ASOS
  • JCrew
  • Revolve
  • Nordstrom
  • Lulus
  • Rent the Runway
  • Needle and Thread

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